Commercial Airplane

Commercial Pilot Certificate is required before you can accept passengers for hire. For those pursuing a career in aviation, it is a key milestone on the road to becoming a professional pilot.

Red Baron Aviation, a certified Cessna Pilot Center, has the right equipment, staff and training curriculum to make that dream a reality. Get started today!


10 Hours Cessna 172 @ $109/hr (Block Rate)
15 Hours Mooney RG @ $150/hr $2,025
20 Hours Dual Flight Instruction @ $59/hr (Block Rate)
15 Hours Ground Instruction @ $59/hr (Block Rate)
Progress Phase Check (2 hrs Mooney RG @ $150/hr)
Books & Materials (Cessna Interactive Learning Program)
FAA Written Test
Practical Test w/FAA Examiner
Average Minimum Cost:

To be eligible for your Commercial Rating, you must be a currently rated Private Pilot and have 250 hours of total logged flight time. Some of this time can be obtained during your Commercial training. At some point during your training, prior to taking your final flight exam, you must score 70 percent or better on the 60-question multiple-choice Instrument Pilot written test administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You must also have a current Medical Certificate.