Learn to Fly

Few things in life offer such a combination …
of reaching for new personal frontiers and mastering new skills–all while experiencing the thrill of flight.  Earning your Private Pilot license consists of flight and ground lessons, but you will quickly see that they merge into a cohesive whole, each facilitating the other. The subjects you will have to study and the flight experience you will have to acquire before being able to take your final flight examination for your private pilot certificate are set forth in the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Thanks to the temperate Santa Barbara climate students are able to fly year-round in one of the most beautiful and diverse geographies in the world! Take a look around our site to learn more about what we have to offer.

When you learn to fly from Red Baron…
you are truly learning from the best. You’ll learn from certified instructors with innovative computer-based instruction. Our curriculum combines time in the air with one-on-one ground lessons and at-home online learning modules to maximize learning and minimize cost.

Minimum costs for aircraft rental and hourly instructions are listed below. Plan on investing approximately $8,500-$9,500 in becoming a private pilot, including outlays for ground school, supplies, and test fees.